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Are "How do I change my career from X to Y" questions off topic/not-constructive?
3 votes

Judging by the number of tags career advice (hiring process, resume, interviewing, ...) seem to be the most important part of the workplace.SE right now. If we would ban these questions, we would lose ...

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Are questions about fulfilling specific job functions on topic?
0 votes

I think that questions that generally refer to the workplace, or even specific jobs should be considered on topic as long as there is no stackexchange more specific to the topic. Refering back to ...

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What can we do about one line answers?
-5 votes

I think that a good answer is as short as possible, but not shorter. So, the one-liner is not in itself a problem, if it answers the question - you then might ask yourself, if the question was that ...

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