Joe Kerr

ÂÞÞáŗėñŧŀÿ Ţħíʂ Űŝεʀ ₽ŕɘ₣ė↱₷ ₮⨀ Ķἓἔρ ₳η Ἇι® ∅⨑ ⓂγşͳϱŕΨ ἉβΘυτ Ͳᾛ£₼.

But if you're still reading this, then I guess I owe you something of an explanation, so here goes...

Teenager in the US who:

Enjoys answering questions more than his schoolwork (although he is not very good at them)...

Is trying (and failing) to figure out 'What is the point of life'...

Plays baseball in his spare time (non-pandemic)...

And yeah, my name's not really Joe Kerr (unfortunately), but rather a wordplay on the word 'joker.'

Pronouns: He Him His

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