Glen Swan

My name is Glen Swan. I have worked in the video game industry where I have helped develop and publish high-quality video games worldwide. Currently, I am working in the digital marketing industry where I am a developer with a main focus on business intelligence with SQL Server and related Microsoft technologies.

Experience Summary

  • Video Game Industry: 8+ Years (Active)
  • Community Management: 8+ Years (Active)
  • Software Development: 15+ Years (Active)
  • Database Development: 2+ Years (Active)
  • Business Intelligence: 2+ Years (Active)


TehFamine (Twitter)

Video Game Industry

I worked in the video game industry for 8 years. I have been credited in over 10 AAA (high-quality) video games ranging from Age of Conan to The Secret World. I am currently working with a small independent game developer on their new massively multiplayer online game hit title, Entropy.

Software Development

I am a hobbyist who loves to develop software, especially in video games. I am self-taught in C, C++, Python, SQL and more.


Now that I work more in big data, I have a large passion for data and databases. I work primarily in SQL Server where I develop complex analytical applications in the digital marketing field. This includes data modeling, data warehousing, ETL systems and more.

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