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Should 'white male' status be considered in this question?
17 votes

I think it should be returned. As it stands, the question makes no sense at all. It asks "How can I avoid discrimination?" but gives absolutely no indication of why, or how, for what reason there ...

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Can we get a be nice post notice for questions that deal with sensitive issues
16 votes

This sounds like a good idea to me as well. I think the reasoning for why has been pretty clear, so I'd like to suggest a wording like this: This question deals with a topic about which many people ...

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2017 Community Moderator Election Results
6 votes

Congrats. Best of luck with your new responsibilities and awesome powers.

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Both VTC and Answer
6 votes

I think it depends a lot on the specific question. There is a balance between trying to help (which is why we are here, right?) and trying to keep the site helpful (which is why other people come here)...

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Is it ok to reopen a closed question so that it can be marked as duplicate?
3 votes

I'd say take it one step at a time. We reopen questions if they have been edited to be on topic. Has that happened? Reopen the question. We close questions as duplicate, if the question is on topic,...

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VTC, Downvote, or both?
1 votes

I've actually even combined upvote + vtc on some question. They measure two different things in my opinion. Voting on the question is about the quality of the question. I upvote questions that are ...

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