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Experienced computer programmer and application developer

I have developed software applications for verticals such as Medical Case Management, Dental Practice Management, Health Care Studies (Diabetes, Dental Surgery, Geriatrics, and Heart), Medical Practice Management, Livestock-Ranch Management, and Inventory Control.

Since 2013, I have focused on developing high quality user-friendly apps for mobile devices running the Android OS. I have produced over 200 titles supported on over 5,000 devices worldwide available on Google Play and Amazon.

Technical Experience:

Development / Script Languages / Tools / Platforms: Java (Android), PHP, Java-Scripts, JSON, XML, JQuery, MS VFP9, Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2013

Database Systems: SQLite, MySql, MS Visual FoxPro, SQL Server 2005, MS Access

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, and Expressions

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