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Why the downvotes?
26 votes

I downvoted because I don't like the premise or tone of the question. Premise-wise, it's basically asking us to validate and encourage obsessive, rigid thinking and behavior. Tone-wise, it's ...

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Why are flags for demonstrably false answers rejected?
9 votes

Cross-site duplicate: Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality? If the answer is wrong, you shouldn't flag it, you should downvote and comment explaining why it's wrong. Wrong answers can still be ...

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How to say "Don't abuse HR"
7 votes

I think that this could be a great opportunity to create a canonical post on the main site. This site gets questions about how to interact with H.R. (or where how to interact with H.R. is a major ...

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2021 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire
4 votes

EJoshuaS We get a good amount of hot questions on provocative topics. Sometimes the questions seem so incredible that people question whether they are genuine. Sometimes the questions seem genuine ...

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Is "opinion based" a good reason to close a question?
3 votes

I kind of prefer the old "primarily opinion based" or "not constructive" phrasing a little better than just "opinion based", but yes, it is. Questions can be at least ...

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We should have a flag or close reason of 'Trolling'
3 votes

Trolling is definitely rude, though, so the correct flag reason is "Rude or Abusive."

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Double THE template issue
3 votes

No, it's not a bug. "The Workplace" is the name of the site, so "the 'The Workplace' election" is (arguably) technically correct (even if it sounds a little awkward).

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Is a question being hypothetical a problem?
2 votes

The problem with hypothetical questions is that there’s no proof that anyone is looking for an answer to it. Q&A here is only useful to the extent that future readers who actually have that ...

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Is SE Workplace intended for general questions (not related to a specific, individual case)?
0 votes

I disagree with voting to close in this particular case - even though the question was originally formulated as being about a specific company, the question isn't opinion-based at all - there's an ...

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