What's the etiquette for asking a question you want to answer?

Let's say one has a piece of advice one thinks would benefit the community. Would it be acceptable to post a question and then immediately answer said question?

Assume the question would not be a duplicate and would be of sufficient quality to garner additional answers from the community.


Stack Exchange policy explicitly says it's OK to ask a pedagogical question and answer it yourself. Others can also answer, of course, and your answer gets voted on just like any other answer (and independently from voting on the question).

Take the time to make it a well-written question and a well-written answer.

  • @chrisG While the site clearly allows the practice, I believe the practice is often viewed in an unfavorable light. Unless your answer question and answer are both high quality, you should expect to see some downvotes. – Lumberjack Sep 7 '16 at 14:55

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