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Is an answer or comment with indirect slang considered rude / abusive / offensive for this site?

To my question, a user posted below answer: I'm in the UK. If any employer suggested that here, you would be asked "are you completely bonkers?" Your concerns about my leisure would be ...
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Should questions about problems that someone other than the OP faces be allowed?

Recently, there I encountered two questions about problems found in prominent news stories (rather than a problem that the OP personally faces): Could producing a grave bug that made headlines make ...
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Is it On-Topic to ask a question about Work from Home Issues in workplace SE site? (We have been working remotely due to Covid19)

As we all have been working from home or remotely due to Covid-19, our work place has been changed to home. So if we now face any issue related to work, is it suitable to ask it in The Workplace or do ...
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Should topic about volunteering be mentioned explicitly in the help center?

While questions about volunteering aren't off-topic, volunteering isn't mentioned explicitly in What topics can I ask about here? Should this be changed? I think volunteering is a very special form of ...
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How to make the question about when recruiters should call candidates clear again?

When should recruiters call candidates instead of emailling? Two person (Daniel, Lilienthal) agree that this question can be reopen if there is some improvements. Which bits are unclear, and how to ...
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Let's talk academic questions

We have had multiple meta discussions recently (this by Monica, a reopen request) which are effectively asking: Should questions exclusively about the academic workplace be on topic here? This has ...
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Are some types of workplaces off-topic?

What can I do if I have a massive personal problem with a future student? is currently on hold as off-topic. The OP is a teaching assistant who has a problem with a student. Because it involves a ...
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Are questions about other workplaces than the office/telecommute on topic?

To be immediately concrete with a possible question: I've been wondering what the best thing to do is when you're operating heavy machinery, in say a warehouse, a factory or a construction site, and ...
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Why was this question from guy who stole food off-topic?

I came across this question from a while back. I was surprised to see that it was closed. Sure, OP made (and has acknowledged that it was) a very stupid mistake. But does that have anything to do ...
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May I ask what the going rate is for a particular position?

I tried but it wasn't helpful for this particular position. I checked and FAQ - What questions can I ask here but ...
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Job Search/Transition and Workplace Policy and Procedure Only? Confusing Scope

I have asked a question here and told it was not relating company policies and thus is not appropriate for the forum. If you were asking how to convince your employer to change their policies, ...
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What's wrong with the "empirical research" question?

This question asks what empirical research exists on the subject of increasing salary by changing jobs versus seeking promotions in the same company. That sounds on-topic to me, but it's been closed ...
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How can we diversify our community?

Aarthi (one of the SE Employees on the community team) noted: Much like The Workplace, we'd really like to see more content that isn't software development related. That's not something that will ...
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Is this question about handling the aftermath of marital infidelity on-topic?

I'm not 100% sure this is on-topic. The essential core of the question is about a personal relationship and a personal issue. While there may be workplace aspects to this situation, none of them have ...
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Can this site be more "friendly" to users when closing questions?

By perusing through the site, I have seen quite a bit of topics closed and arguments ensue. The tone in most of them seems condescending. Compared to some other SE sites, this one seems to be "catty"...
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